If your cameras are not connecting in QCamPro you should first isolate exactly where the problem lies. The simplest, and most common cause of connection faults is a mistake in the connection details such as URL, username, or password. Double check these first.

If you have checked these and the problem continue to exist then check that you really can access the cameras. It is more likely to be a general network issue accessing the cameras than an issue in QCamPro so test this from the same device using a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mobile Safari. Testing each of the following URLs should provide you with an image from the camera. If all of these URLs work then the app should also work.

All cameras

  • Default vendor view: http://camera-address:port/

MOBOTIX specific streams

  • Live access image: http://camera-address:port/control/faststream.jpg?stream=full
  • Guest access image: http://camera-address:port/cgi-bin/faststream.jpg?stream=full