You will need to configure your camera to send notifications to QCamPro. The MOBOTIX camera can be configured to send these notifications based on certain events, during certain times, based on certain arming settings, or a combination of all three.

Create the IP Notify profile

  1. Open your camera in the web browser and go to the Admin Menu.

  2. Find the Transfer Profiles section and click on IP Notify Profiles.

  3. At the bottom of this page, click Add New Profile.

  4. Fill in the new profile to match the details e-mailed to you. Ensure that the IP Notify Type is Custom Configuration or the other fields won't be visible. Make sure that you fill in the correct ID information for the Message field or your notifications will be rejected by the QCamPro server.

Configure the Action Group to send notifications

  1. Open the camera in the web browser and go to the Setup Menu.

  2. Select Action Group Overview in the Event Control section.

  3. Click Add New Profile at the bottom of this page.

  4. Name the new profile and then click Edit.

  5. Select the appropriate trigger conditions.

  • Arming: Choose whether you want the profile always armed, or armed only under certain conditions (such as the state of an input)
  • Time Table: If you only want to receive notifications during certain times (such as after business hours) select the time table to only enable notifications during the times the time table is set to ON.
  • Event Section: Select which events you want to trigger a message. If you use (select all) ensure that your events are not triggering on false events to prevent getting too many notifications.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Add New Action.

  • Select the IP Notify profile you configured earlier as Action 1.

Your camera is now configured to send notifications when events happen under your given scenario. If you aren't getting notification go to the camera and check that everything is configured correctly and not conflicting. For example it is common that arming can cause failures if it is configured incorrectly. To force an event, click the UC Event button (assuming you have selected it in the Event Selection window) and see if you get a notification through to your device.