You will need to configure your camera to send notifications to QCamPro. The MOBOTIX camera can be configured to send these notifications based on certain events, during certain times, based on certain arming settings, or a combination of all three.

Create the IP Notify profile

  1. Open your camera in the web browser and go to the Admin Menu.

  2. Find the Transfer Profiles section and click on IP Notify Profiles.

  3. At the bottom of this page, click Add New Profile.

  4. Fill in the new profile to match the details e-mailed to you. Ensure that the IP Notify Type is Custom Configuration or the other fields won't be visible. Make sure that you fill in the correct ID information for the Message field or your notifications will be rejected by the QCamPro server.

Configure the Bell Behaviour to send notifications

  1. Open the camera in the web browser and go to the Admin Menu.

  2. Select the Bell Behavior and Video Mailbox menu.

  3. Ensure that More is selected in the lower right corner of the menu or not everything will show up. If it says Less than it is already selected.

  4. Scroll down to the Set Remote Stations for Door Station section and select the IP Notify Profile in the 3rd list, then click Add Selected Devices. It should now show up in the Remote Stations for Door Station list.

  5. Scroll down to the Per-Addressee Settings and select the appropriate addressee for your notification.

  6. Scroll down to Call Profiles, select the profile that you want to have notify QCamPro and then select the IP Notify in the Signalling Phase.

  7. Click set, then close to store permanently.

If you are configuring your DoorStation with multiple recipients, simply create an account for each and set each Addressee to use the different unique IP Notifiers. You may also want to configure actions in QCamPro to allow you to open the door.