Once you have added all of your cameras to the client, you can then create the profile for them in the portal and email a one-click setup link to them. They simply click this link and QCamPro is automatically configured and registered. Note that this feature is currently limited to approximately 10 cameras.

  1. Go to your Client list

  2. Select Devices & Notifications for the client that you wish to configure

  3. Name the new device and select whether it is iOS or Android. If you already have devices configured for this client click on Add New Device first.

  4. Click Add New Notification for the device that you wish to configure

  5. Select the camera from the drop down list and then select the type of events that you wish to get notifications for

  6. Once all the cameras are configured that you want, click on Email Device Setup Info

  7. Check the cameras that you want to setup on this device and enter the username and password for them. It's recommended not to use the administrator password for this setting. Click Generate Device Setup Email

  8. Copy the resulting page into an email to your client. When they receive it, they simply clock on Setup while looking at the email on their device