There are two ways to create custom notifications for MOBOTIX cameras to come through to the users app. For example, you may want a notification to alert the user to something specific such as a door opening rather than something generic like motion in the image. There are two ways to achieve this, either using the MOBOTIX event name or creating your own custom message.

Option 1: MOBOTIX event name

  1. Create your events in the MOBOTIX cameras as normal.
  2. Set up your camera in the QCamPro portal. Check out these directions for adding new cameras.
  3. Add a new event notification to the device you want to receive it. Check out these directions for adding new notifications.
  4. Enter the event name from the MOBOTIX cameras in the Event Code field. If the event name has spaces in it, e.g., Door 1, you will need to replace these with %20. For example, to have Door 1 as the event you would ender Door%201 in this field.

  5. Enter the text that you want to be shown in the notification in the Message field. You can also set a custom sound so that it is easier to determine this notification from others. Click Save.

Option 2: Custom notification message

  1. Create your IP Notify message as normal. Check out these directions for manually creating your IP Notify or use the automatic setup process.
  2. When entering the message, replace $(EVT.EST.ACTIVATED) with whatever you want, so long as it does not contain spaces (you can use %20 to replace a space as above). For example, if I wanted to use Custom1 as my trigger message I would enter 2,$(ID.FIP),Custom1.

  3. Create the notification for the device as per the steps in Option 1, using your custom message in the Event Code field.